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Group Policy Change Auditing

Modifications done by any user within the network will be notified to the IT administrators via Group Policy Auditor
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GPO Change Audiitng
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28 October 2015

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GPO change auditing is a comprehensive solution that must be practiced by every organization to track changes made to group policies and safeguard their IT environment. With Group Policy Auditor a tool that can keep track of even the slightest of the changes made to group policies, objects and links; one can avoid drastic security risks that lead to issues concerning security compliance.
One of the most extraordinary features of this tool includes tracking & reporting modification done by users in real-time while also keeping an eye on granular rollback of changes. This in turn eliminates the cumbersome task of performing manual tracking of every user who is modifying group policies. Since this software facilitates automatic tracking of group policies, one can track every single change entry without any errors by monitoring modifications based on parameters like Configuration, Policy Type, Administrative Templates and Password etc.
The policy-level & object-level recovery features of this tool help you generate multiple AD backups at a particular point of time while also providing complete visibility into what, where and when changes are being made. With advanced filters & turnkey reporting; one can easily focus on what is actually important while ignoring every other alerts that they don’t want to receive. This ensures that you don’t get undesired alerts in your mailbox which consume your time. Rather, you receive instant notification on what changes you actually want to track and get notified of.
Group Policy Change Auditing is a part of LepideAuditor Suite and its trial version is available for free download. One can download the demo version and use it without any limitations after going through the installation pre-requisites. If you like the tool and want to continue auditing with it, you can either purchase selective license or buy the fully featured license of LepideAuditor Suite. For details:

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